Monthly Archives: September 2016

DOT-HWYS Oahu’s Q3 2016 Adopt-A-Highway Champions

Congratulations to HC&D Kapaa Quarry, which has been selected as the Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District’s Third Quarter 2016 Adopt-A-Highway Champions! Linda Goldstein, Manager, Environmental & Community Affairs for HC&D, LLC, says the most unusual items they find are identification cards of all types, especially military ID’s and drivers licenses. “One of the […]

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Highways Debris Cleaning Assessment

The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District (DOT-HWYS) is nearing the completion of its two-year data collection period for its Debris Cleaning Assessment. In October 2014, DOT-HWYS embarked on a study aimed to better understand how effective street sweeping is in reducing pollution from our highways. Street sweeping has been identified […]

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How to Build a Rain Barrel

Water Harvesting Humans have been harvesting rainwater for as long as history has been recorded. Records show that rainwater cisterns were in use in ancient societies across the globe dating back to at least 3,000 years ago. China, Egypt, and Rome all had sophisticated collection systems for storing water, and the Romans actually used a […]

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How to Choose Plants for a Rain Garden

In our July e-newsletter, we shared some tips on how to create a rain garden. One very important aspect of a rain garden is the flowers and shrubbery that are planted within it, which help to absorb the water and filter out impurities before they seep underground. Not all plants are appropriate; the ones that […]

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IUCN World Conservation Congress

Hawaii was front and center in the eyes of environmentalists the world over as thousands of attendees gathered for the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Honolulu from September 1 – 10 at the Waikiki Convention Center. This marked the first time that the event was being held in the United States, and attendees were […]

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Kaneohe Watershed soil roughening

Construction BMPs: Soil Roughening

Why is soil roughening important on construction sites? Preventing erosion, capturing sediment, and establishing vegetation on construction projects are all practices that should be implemented during soil disturbing activities. Soil roughening is a best management practice (BMP) to prepare surface soils for the implementation of additional BMPs, prevent erosion and sedimentation, and establish vegetation. Roughening […]

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