Kawainui Watershed Permanent BMP Project
  • Eroded slope within Kawainui Watershed
  • Crew preparing eroded slope within Kawainui Watershed
  • Permanent erosion control fabric below Kawainui Watershed slope
  • Hydromulch on Kawainui Watershed slope
  • Crew rolling out permanent erosion control fabric
  • Permanent erosion control fabric along Kawainui Watershed slope
  • Anchor system installation
  • Permanent erosion control fabric anchor
  • Slope covered with permanent erosion control fabric
  • Grass starting to sprout through the permanent erosion control fabric
  • Grass sprouting through permanent erosion control fabric

Project Description

Hydromulch and Permanent Erosion Control Fabric

The Kawainui Watershed Permanent BMP project includes the repair of eroded slopes at six sites located within HDOT Highways right-of-way that have the potential to contribute sediment to storm water runoff. This eroded slope was first prepared for and sprayed with a layer of hydromulch, an optimized mixture of mulch, nutrients and grass seeds.

The contractor then covered the slope with permanent erosion control fabric, which has a porous design that allows the grass to grow through while the fabric remains in place to prevent future soil erosion. Construction workers used a system of ropes for safety while installing the metal pins that secure the permanent erosion control fabric to the slope.

The Kawainui project began in mid-February of 2015 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of June 2015.

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