The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the progress of the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways, Oahu District’s public education program. Our goal is to raise awareness and educate the public regarding storm water and water quality issues. Please provide constructive feedback so that we can best provide for the community.

Public Awareness Survey
Are you a Hawaii resident
Age (check one)
What is storm water? (check one)
In Hawaii, is storm water treated before it enters the ocean?
The best way to clean up an oil spill on a driveway is to scrub it with detergent and hose it off into the gutter:
Landscaping your yard can help reduce storm water runoff
It is okay to place wastewater or water containing soaps, paint, cleaning products, or grease and oil into streets or storm drains?
Which of the following are good practices? (check all that apply)
Are you familiar with any of the following? (check all that apply)
What do you see as the underlying cause(s) of pollution in our oceans? (check all that apply)
After learning about our Storm Water Management Program, are you more inclined to change your lifestyle habits to promote a cleaner, greener Hawaii?