When the sun is shining, the beach is the perfect destination to relax on the sand or go for a swim. To ensure that your next beach day is environmentally friendly, here are five easy swaps that keep our beaches clean and your lifestyle sustainable.

Opt For Environmentally Safe Sunscreens
Lathering on sunscreen is an indisputably important step in keeping your skin healthy and sunburn free. However, many sunscreens contain chemicals that pose a threat to fish, underwater plants, and coral reefs. The synthetic ingredients Oxybenzone and Octinoxate pose the greatest risk to sea life, affecting the DNA in animals and acting as a toxin to coral reefs. When choosing a sunscreen, select ones that are environmentally friendly and do not contain those harmful ingredients.

Choose a Reusable Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is especially important when spending time in the sun. Choosing to bring a reusable water bottle provides an environmentally friendly alternative to continually buying individual plastic bottles. An added bonus is that many reusable bottles keep beverages ice cold for hours, providing refreshment on the go!

Bring a Reusable Bag
Paper and plastic bags can tear easily, spilling all your beach day essentials in the sand. Plastic bags can blow away and end up in the ocean, presenting a hazard for wildlife. In order to prevent unintentional littering, bring a reusable bag to keep things organized.

Respect Wildlife
Being near the ocean affords the opportunity to see wildlife up close in their natural habitat. While you may have an urge to get close to the wildlife, it is important to respect all plants and animals you come across. Many underwater plants are extremely fragile and can be seriously harmed by even a single touch. Keeping your distance protects both you and the wildlife.

Leave It Nicer Than You Found It
The beach is a haven for people looking to relax and enjoy time outdoors. Nothing spoils this more than finding a beach littered with trash. Instead of leaving trash for the next person to throw away, pick up everything that you arrived with and take the time to find the nearest trash can to dispose of it properly. Cleaning up your area takes only a few moments and goes a long way towards ensuring that the beach continues to be enjoyed by others. Little steps like these ensure that the beaches in Hawaii can be enjoyed for years to come.