Adopt-A-Highway Champions First Quarter 2016

Congratulations to DTRIC Insurance Company, which has been selected as the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District’s First Quarter 2016 Adopt-A-Highway Champions!

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Common Storm Water Terms and Definitions

If you’ve ever read an article about the storm drain system and wondered about some of the terms commonly used to describe it, then you’re in luck — we have your answers here!

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Common Storm Water Pollutants

We hear all the time about the different pollutants that can flow into the storm drain system, and then to our ocean waters. But what are the most common storm water pollutants, and how do they adversely affect the environment? Here’s a quick reminder of all the damage pollutants can do

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Storm Water Hawaii Exhibit’s New Home at Sea Life Park

Thanks to a partnership with Sea Life Park, the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District’s Storm Water Management Program was able to place illustrated posters at the Touch Pool attraction in 2014 that described the process by which storm water made its way to the ocean, and how trash, chemicals, and other pollutants can harm the environment and wildlife.

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Construction BMPs for Protecting Stockpiles

Is your stockpile protected? Stockpiling material on construction sites is almost always needed at some point during the life of a project, so proper planning is needed to ensure that adequate best management practices (BMPs) are in place to prevent stockpiled material from polluting storm water.

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Ala Wai Watershed Storm Water Best Management Practices on Oahu Project

In order to keep roadways safe for driving, they are designed and constructed to allow storm water runoff to drain quickly and efficiently to the road shoulder.

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