Thanks to a partnership with Sea Life Park, the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District’s Storm Water Management Program was able to place illustrated posters at the Touch Pool attraction in 2014 that described the process by which storm water made its way to the ocean, and how trash, chemicals, and other pollutants can harm the environment and wildlife.

With its large number of young guests at Sea Life Park each day, the posters were an ideal way to introduce keiki to the important role the storm water system plays in our environment.

Unfortunately, the posters had to be removed when the park refurbished its Touch Pool attraction in late 2015, but they are now up once again to spread the word about keeping our storm water system clean!

The posters are now displayed in their permanent home just south of the sea turtle exhibit. If you are at Sea Life Park, be sure to stop by and check out them out!