Hurricane season has arrived and it’s important that every household be prepared for potentially harmful weather. Hawaii’s hurricane season typically occurs from June through November due to the increase in temperatures and humidity. Hurricanes occur when hot, damp air rises over water and meets cooler air temperatures, so these warmer months in Hawaii can lead to intense storms, cyclones, and hurricanes.


Hurricanes can be even more dangerous when households and communities are unprepared, and may lead to a greater negative impact on our waterways and wildlife. Flash floods, mudslides, runoff, and high intensity winds caused by hurricanes can increase the chance that debris and other pollutants enter our waterways.


Do your part to protect you and your loved ones, nearby waterways, and marine life by properly preparing for high impact storms.


  1. Secure Trash: If possible, keep your rubbish bins inside a garage or covered area until garbage day to prevent them from tipping over or overflowing due to winds and intense rains. Be sure to properly tie up any loose garbage and use a lid to prevent items from being blown out.


  1. Keep Chemicals Out of Reach: The garage is often used as storage for household cleaners, fertilizers, and chemicals. Keep these items at least 3 to 4 feet off the ground so they aren’t swept up in a potential flood. Provide secondary containment to capture any leaks if your chemicals do tip over.


  1. Park on Higher Ground: During hurricane season, cars, mopeds, bikes, and other modes of transportation may be washed away or submerged in water. Park at a higher elevation or inside a garage that can fully close to prevent storm water from picking up vehicles, oil, and grease.


  1. Recycle: Use old cardboard boxes to secure windows and other breakable entry ways in your home.


  1. Monitor Electricity: Water can carry an electric current, so it is important to move and secure any power cords, lights (indoor and outdoor), and active electric outlets to prevent glass and wires from floating around walkways. Following a storm, be sure to check your surroundings to prevent dangerous conditions.


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