Sustainability initiatives have taken over the globe. With recent climate emergency notices and advocates, our society has started to brand awareness for an eco-friendly change in everyday action.

The state of Hawaii is considered one of the world’s leaders for improving sustainability, and the state has recently passed an initiative to become 100 percent clean by 2045. What this means is that Hawaii is prepared to change by implementing ideas for green based energy sources throughout the state.

Current timeline goals are as follows:

  • 2020 – A 100 percent increase in locally sourced agricultural production.
  • 2027 – Statewide invasive species policy with proper infrastructure and capacity.
  • 2030 – Protection of 30 percent of watersheds and management of 30 percent of nearshore marine areas.
  • 2045 – Complete transfer to 100 percent renewable energy statewide.

One of the most recent campaigns to start up regarding Hawaii’s sustainability concerns is, “We Are 100,” a campaign by Blue Planet Foundation. We Are 100 is aiming to keep Hawaii’s goals of being 100 percent clean by 2045 through a variety of awareness methods. We Are 100 is comprised of 100 (and counting) brands, companies, community members, and government officials who are committed to changing their everyday actions in order to assist with improving Hawaii’s current sustainability situation.

To get more information on Hawaii’s sustainability goals, Blue Planet Foundation, and those committed to the actions, please visit the following sites: