In April, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We are challenging you to be trash free and treat every day as Earth Day! An easy way to get started is by participating in your 31 Day Challenge. It is important to not only set a New Year’s resolution, but to also have a tangible plan of action. Follow along and cross off each challenge that you accomplish.

  1. Use a dishwasher.
  2. Bring a reusable water bottle.
  3. Say no to straws (or bring your own).
  4. Commit to bringing reusable shopping bags to the store.
  5. Meal plan to avoid wasting food.
  6. Switch to LED light bulbs.
  7. Take shorter showers.
  8. Take public transit or carpool.
  9. Store your food properly to make it last longer.
  10. Go paperless with your bills.
  11. Set up an at-home recycling program.
  12. Dispose of items properly.
  13. Bring your own cup for your Monday morning coffee.
  14. Go to the car wash (DO NOT wash it on your driveway).
  15. Stop the endless junk mail.
  16. Think secondhand before buying new.
  17. Turn off the light each time you leave a room at home.
  18. Choose an eco-friendly, reef safe sunscreen!
  19. Use cloth napkins at meals and real towels for cleanup.
  20. Buy in bulk! Bring mason jars and other containers with you to the grocery store.
  21. Limit your chemical impact. Choose natural cleaning products whenever possible.
  22. Trade in your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one.
  23. Turn empty containers and boxes into storage containers.
  24. Visit the library or opt for e-books.
  25. Ditch the single use plastics – drink more tap water instead of bottled.
  26. Bring your own containers for restaurant takeout.
  27. Plan how to compost at home and your business.
  28. Make your own breakfast instead of grabbing something to eat on your way to work.
  29. Disable your computer screensaver to lessen energy consumption
  30. Choose bar soap over liquid (ditch the plastic).
  31. Shut down and unplug your electronics every day when you leave home or the office.