Are you looking to step into spring with a clean start? Look no further than your own home, as one man’s trash can turn into another man’s treasure. Stay organized and try these thrifty DIY crafts to help manage household clutter and keep reusable items from adding up in the garbage.

Toilet Paper Roll Desk Organizer

Turn your leftover toilet paper rolls into a unique desk organizer using craft supplies such as colorful construction paper, stickers, and paints. Your messy workstation will be a sight of the past. Click below for more inspiration when creating your unique and eco-friendly work station!

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Denim Wall Organizer

If you have a pair of jeans that are on their last leg, they can still be put to good use – it’s simple! Glue the back pockets of an old pair of jeans to a cork board for office supply storage or a garage wall for your smaller tools and hardware. Click below to see how you give your old jeans a second chance at life.