As society moves forward in the age of technology, the improper disposal of electronic waste, or e-waste, has become a growing problem around the world. Comprised of electrical and electronic equipment (i.e. laptops, computers, mobile phones, TVs, etc.), e-waste is composed of hazardous toxins that may be harmful to the environment when mishandled or disposed of incorrectly.

Locally, household electronics can be disposed of with regular household trash or bulky collection, while specific guidelines must be adhered to by commercial businesses and government entities.

In recognition of E-Waste Awareness Day on October 13, we encourage community members to reduce the amount of e-waste found in our garbage and explore the various nonprofit and trade-in programs accepting unwanted electrical and electronic equipment on Oahu.

For more information on how to reduce e-waste and to find a donation drop-off site near you, click here.