While clothes used to be a long-term investment, the society we live in now has created a culture of “fast fashion” – where we buy cheap garments for short-term use before replacing them with the next trending item. The result of this is a disastrous impact on our environment. Here are five ways you can decrease “fast fashion” and create a more sustainable wardrobe for this school year!

Shop Smarter
Buy more second-hand and swap clothes with friends and family. This will extend the life cycle of garments! Also, look for better quality items that are likely to be more durable and shop those pieces if they are affordable.

Care for Your Items
Wash your clothing at lower temperature so the colors don’t fade as quickly and find out how to repair clothes. Sewing and mending your own clothes can be an easy way to save money while ensuring that you aren’t wasting materials.

Don’t Bin Your Clothes
The textile recycling industry deals with damaged items. If you give your clothes to a textile bank, they will be reprocessed and then upcycled or downcycled.

Consume Less
Try to only make clothing purchases when necessary. Having a smaller closet can help you save money, is environmentally friendly, and can make it easier to get ready in the morning.

Choose Fabrics Wisely
Think about supporting and demanding other kinds of fiber like silk, or textiles made from bamboo, which both have less devasting impacts on the environment.