It is important now more than ever to find ways to save water and money! Here are some easy water-saving tips you can implement around your home.

Only run full loads of laundry.
By waiting for a full load, not only are you saving water, you’re also saving electricity.

Soak your vegetables.
Instead of running your vegetables under the tap, fill a container or your sink with vinegar and water to clean your vegetables. Once your veggies are clean, water your plants with the extra water!

Only run the dishwasher when it’s full.
Similar to the washing machine, by running only full loads in your dishwasher, you will save water and money.

Be efficient when watering your lawn.

  • Water less often but for longer periods of time.
  • Only water when necessary. Make sure to check how damp the soil is before watering.
  • Water your plants during cooler times of the day as there is less evaporation at those times.
  • Water your lawn on still days when there is less wind.

Never hose your driveways and sidewalks.
Sweep up your trash or debris and dispose of them in the rubbish bin to save water and prevent it from ending up in the storm drains.

Don’t leave the water running when you wash your car – in fact, go to a car wash instead!
The most efficient use of water is at the car wash. Not only will you save water and time, but you’ll also prevent debris and pollutants from going to the ocean.