Rain is not just water that falls from the sky; it is the most crucial part of a natural cycle that sustains life. World Rain Day, observed annually on July 29, is a global celebration dedicated to appreciating the gift of rain. On this day, people around the world come together to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and sustainable water management. Rain fills our lakes and rivers, recharges our underground aquifers, and provides water for plants, animals, and humans to live and thrive.


While rain can be a great thing, stormwater runoff can carry trash and other pollutants into our oceans. In Hawaii, where the connection between rain and the health of the waters surrounding us is particularly significant, World Rain Day provides an excellent opportunity to explore innovative solutions to decrease stormwater runoff and ways to contribute to keeping our waters clean.

One way you can decrease stormwater runoff at home is by building your own rain barrel. Rain barrels are effective tools that can be used to collect and store rainwater, which reduces the amount of stormwater runoff that enters our storm drains and prevents pollutants and debris from reaching the ocean. Installing rain barrels at homes, schools, or community centers allows individuals to take an active role in water conservation while promoting a healthier environment for Hawaii’s marine life.

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By making your own rain barrel, you can actively participate in reducing stormwater runoff and contribute to the cleanliness of Hawaii’s oceans. Remember to regularly maintain your rain barrel by cleaning it, checking it for leaks, and using the collected water responsibly. Together, let’s celebrate World Rain Day by embracing sustainable practices and protecting the natural resources that continue to enrich our beautiful islands.