World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world’s waterways, highlighting their value and reminding the community of the importance of keeping rivers clean and protected.

In Hawaii, while one of our main goals is to protect our oceans, it is also important to protect local rivers, canals, and streams. Rivers can be a gateway to the ocean, which makes it vital to prevent debris or pollutants from flowing into them.

Protecting rivers can improve overall water quality and ecosystem quality statewide by providing safer spaces for animals and humans alike. Filtering river water and canals also allows for cleaner recreational activities and irrigation systems to be put in place.


Benefits of rivers:

  • Water displacement during flash floods: Rivers, canals, and streams allow water to have areas to flow to other than roads.
  • Ecosystem Development: Rivers allow wildlife places to eat, drink, and hunt. Fish, birds, boar, and even mice are grateful to clean rivers for supplying them with food and housing.
  • Irrigation: Rivers and water flow help farmers to continue irrigation from fresh water and brackish sources, rather than filtering salty ocean water.

How you can help:

  • Preparation: During the wet season, be sure to properly secure your trash. It is especially important if you live near a flowing water source to prevent floods or high winds from carrying trash into nearby rivers.
  • Action: Pick up litter and trash you see when hiking or going on walks near rivers or waterfalls.
  • Awareness: Sign petitions encouraging local leaders to help protect rivers. Inspire family and friends to participate in or organize a clean up movement. Share your knowledge and encourage folks you see on hikes or walks to also help with picking up trash along the way.