Common storm water pollutants

Common Storm Water Pollutants

We hear all the time about the different pollutants that can flow into the storm drain system, and then to our ocean waters. But what are the most common storm water pollutants, and how do they adversely affect the environment? Here’s a quick reminder of all the damage pollutants can do… Basically storm water pollutants […]

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Common storm water terms and definitions

Common Storm Water Terms and Definitions

If you’ve ever read an article about the storm drain system and wondered about some of the terms commonly used to describe it, then you’re in luck — we have your answers here! What follows is a list of definitions for some commonly used storm water terms. BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICE (BMP): Schedules of activities, prohibition […]

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Adopt-A-Highway Champions First Quarter 2016

Congratulations to DTRIC Insurance Company, which has been selected as the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District’s First Quarter 2016 Adopt-A-Highway Champions! DTRIC Insurance Company, Ltd. 1600 Kapiolani Blvd. #1520 Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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Hawaii Storm Patrol Launch

In November, the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District unveiled a bright, colorful, and new outreach effort to educate keiki about the importance of keeping our storm drain system free from pollutants… Introducing the new Hawaii Storm Patrol: New Recruits activity book! The activity book helps keiki learn about how the […]

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Tips For Reducing Storm Water Runoff From Your Yard

As many are aware, storm water runoff from yards has the potential to wash debris, fertilizers, and other pollutants down drains and into our water sources. But few know about how we can limit that runoff, thereby helping to protect our precious streams, rivers, and ocean. Here are a few tips on reducing storm water […]

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DOT’s Q4 2015 Adopt-A-Highway Champions

Congratulations to the Federal Managers Association, 19 Pearl Harbor Area Chapter, which has been selected as the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District’s Fourth Quarter 2015 Adopt-A-Highway Champions! Quintal says during quarterly cleanups, their volunteers find the usual expected debris – bottles, cans, boxes, and cigarette butts. But during one cleanup, […]

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Common Storm Water Pollutants and Their Impacts

We know that allowing debris, chemicals, and other pollutants into our storm water system will have terrible repercussions for our water sources. But what is the real danger inherent in these storm water pollutants? The Ocean Conservancy provides this look:

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How to select perimeter controls for your next construction project

Perimeter controls on construction projects are a temporary best management practice (BMP) for sediment control. Used along the site perimeter, around temporary stockpiles, at the toe of a slope and downslope of exposed areas, perimeter controls keep sediment and potential pollutants contained, preventing them from entering our storm drains and negatively affecting Hawaii’s streams and […]

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Liliha St. BMPs

Liliha Street Rehabilitation Project

The State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District has numerous roadway construction projects going on at any given time that vary in size and complexity. However, one thing that remains the same for all construction projects regardless of the size of the project or area of land disturbance, is the need to […]

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Annual Maintenance Baseyard Storm Water Training quick winners

Annual Maintenance Baseyard Storm Water Training Champions

Congratulations to the Wahiawa Crew for winning the Annual Maintenance Baseyard Storm Water Training Quiz Competition! The training and quiz event took place in July, with heavy competition among the 13 participating maintenance crews. At the end of the day the Wahiawa Crew came out on top, with a scintillating performance that saw them with […]

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